Morning and evening walking tours of local Da Nang food, tailored to your tastes. Discover what to eat and how to eat it in small eateries down hidden alleys packed with locals. No big groups and no uniform-clad staff. Book the highlight of your trip today!

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Deliciousness in Da Nang

Clifden - Feb 2018

A perfect choice of tour on our first night to get our bearings and sense of direction. We were a group of 4 and it was so easy walking around Da Nang taking note of all the places we wanted to return to through the week. The food was amazing and delicious with clean and comfortable cafes visited for every dish so there was nothing to worry about.

I chose the Da Nang Food Tour because it was the first foodie tour trip set up years ago by a brave westerner who recognised the potential in Da Nang and paved the way for its competitors. Congratulations Shaun, it really was a whole lot of fun.

Best Way to Learn About Vietnamese Food

Miklos - April 2018

The whole experience was perfect. Our guide, Anh spoke the best English of any guides we have met in Vietnam and kept us interested for the whole 5 hours! We have learnt the most about Vietnam and the local customs, history and culture from him - this was itself worth it... The places he took us to were backstreet, off the beaten track eateries tourists would otherwise not experience - the food was amazing.

Very fun experience, highly recommend it!

Kristine - June 2018

We booked food tour on our first night in Vietnam - this was the best food experience!! Our guide Ms. Nga was the sweetest girl! She showed us the most local places in Da Nang, and told us about history of the dishes and the local cuisine. We visited about 6 different places, tried the most delicious food - both salty, spicy and sweet. This experience helped us a lot on our way through the rest of our 2 week trip in Vietnam. We were better prepared to make our choices when it came to food. I can really recommend this food tour - a foodie paradise :)

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Certificate of Excellence

Five years running - 2014 to 2018
da nang food tour

Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet Vietnam, p. 186

"To really explore the local food scene, try Danang Food Tour, run by an expat foodie."

da nang food tour

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Best of 2014 - December 2014 Issue


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