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vegetarian food da nang

Vegetarian Food in Da Nang

It’s not always easy to find vegetarian food in Da Nang. Most restaurants specialize in a couple of things, and those one or two dishes aren’t always very veggie-friendly. The easiest way is to get vegetarian food in Da Nang is to go to a specifically vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how the whole veggie thing works

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son tra peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula

Going for a drive around Son Tra Peninsula is one of the coolest and most underrated activities to do while here in Da Nang. There’s so much to see, and it’s all stunningly beautiful, especially if the weather is nice. So find a free afternoon, fill up that gas tank and head along the beach

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salmon da nang

The Salmon in Da Nang

One of the perks of running a food tour is getting to meet other people in the food industry. Inevitably it involves eating something delicious. This time it brought me a place I’ve often driven past but never tried: a restaurant called The Salmon. I received a surprise phone call from a lady named My, the

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my cay spicy noodles

My Cay Spicy Noodles Invade Da Nang

Vietnamese people love all things Korean. I’m not sure how many Koreans would vouch for the authenticity of this dish, everyone in Da Nang is going crazy for Mỳ Cay Hàn Quốc – spicy Korean noodles. These places are popping up everywhere! They all follow a similar model, where you order your noodles and then what level

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Tam Thanh art village

Tam Thanh Mural Village

Tam Thanh Mural Village Just outside of Tam Ky, in Quang Nam province, is poor fishing village called Tam Thanh. It’s small. If I had to guess, I’d say maybe 100 houses. There’s one restaurant, a seafood place that’s open at night. The nearest market is in the next village over. Pretty much everyone in the

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driving to a luoi

Driving to A Luoi

The Central Vietnam Mini-loop One of the great things about Da Nang is it’s central location. From here, it’s possible to take lots of fun weekend trips around Central Vietnam. I’ve already written about my trips to Tam Ky, Quang Ngai, Ly Son Island and many trips to Hue. But this last weekend I decided to

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Da Nang Tourist Tips

Da Nang Tourist Tips We’ve all heard the standard tourist tips: Make sure you barter, don’t make yourself a target by walking around with a huge map, drink enough water. But here’s a few Da Nang tourist tips you might not know. Choose the Best Taxi There are two big taxi companies in Vietnam, called Mai

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da nang lunch

Da Nang Lunch

In my ongoing quest to find the best Da Nang lunch, I’ve come across a couple great spots that are worth checking out. A Tale of Two Da Nang Lunch Spots Com Suon Que – Rice with Pork Ribs The classic Da Nang lunch must include three things: a vegetable, something salty (usually meat) and a soup. This

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Hue Festival 2016

Hue Festival 2016

The Hue Festival takes places every two years and is a celebration of Hue culture. It features traditional music, dancing and an Ao Dai (the Vietnamese traditional dress, now reserved for weddings, teachers and flight attendants) fashion show. I went six years ago and while it was pretty cool, I felt like there wasn’t that

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