My Central Vietnam Bike Tour

One of the best things about travelling around Vietnam is that the food is so varied everywhere you go. So when I started planning a Central Vietnam bike tour from Da Nang to Kon Tum, Plei Ku, Buon Ma Thuot, Tuy Hoa and back, I made sure to do a little food research. Here’s what we had

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The Problem of Quality in Vietnam

I’ve recently been reading “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”. I still can’t tell if I like it, but one interesting thing about the book is the discussion on Quality, what it is and why it matters. And that has got me thinking living here, and why quality in Vietnam is sometimes so hard

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Retire in Da Nang

About two weeks ago, an article appeared in US News & World Report about retiring in Da Nang. The author, Kathleen Peddicord, highlights many factors that make life in Da Nang great, including beautiful beaches, friendly people and the cleanliness of the city itself. She also included a few that I’m not so sure about: driving

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