central vietnam food tour

Hop on the bike for the trip of a lifetime. Central Vietnam Food Tour is a multi-day trip that combines amazing roads, incredible scenery and of course, delicious local food from each area on the trip. Each trip is totally customized for you. Want to do a three-day drive around central Vietnam, see some amazing coastline and eat fresh-off-the-boat seafood? No problem. How about a 7-day trek up the Ho Chi Minh Road and through the mountains to Hanoi, with specialties such as sauteed porcupine, roasted pork and the best pho of your life? I’ve got you covered.

central vietnam food tour

I’ve been up and down the country several times and know which roads are the stuff of dreams (and which ones to avoid!). I’ve feasted on local specialties from grilled rat in the Mekong, turtle hot pot in the central highlands and even tried cat meat up north in Ninh Minh. Of course, how adventurous you want to be is totally up to you, and that’s why your input is what determines the type of route and the style of dining.

central vietnam food tour

Send me an email via the form below and we can work together to build an unforgettable trip for you. Not sure where to start? Here’s a couple itineraries from trips I did recently:

3 Days: Da Nang – Kon Tum – Quang Ngai loop

Day 1: nearly 300 km of incredible Ho Chi Minh Road to Kon Tum. Enjoy what the locals call ‘forest meat’ (yes, that includes lots of things) in the evening with a table-top grill that puts you in charge of the cooking.

Day 2: Wind your way down the mountains and back out to the coast of Quang Ngai. Get there in time for a late afternoon swim, followed by a dinner of steamed clams, grilled fresh and ice-cold beer.

Day 3: Forget about driving up Highway 1; hop on the air-conditioned train and enjoy the scenery as we cruise back to Da Nang. Want to continue south? No problem, I’ll help you arrange transport. Bikes? We’ll send them back on the train. I’ll take care of the little details so you can just enjoy.

central vietnam food tour

5 Days: Da Nang to Hanoi

Day 1 to Hue: Cross the stunning Hai Van Pass and drive through age-old cemeteries on the road to Hue, where you’ll enjoy some of the best food in Vietnam, such as BBQ pork and the noodle dish that bears the city’s name. The next morning, try a rice soup made with baby clams; trust me, it’s better than it sounds!

Day 2 to Dong Hoi: Get your first taste of the Ho Chi Minh Road as we head away from the coast and into the mountains. Wide-open road makes for some epic driving. Once in Dong Hoi, cool off with a quick dip in the sea and get ready for an evening feast of grilled shellfish, fresh veggies and, if you’re feeling brave, sauteed water buffalo (think beef but less stringy).

And so on…

central vietnam food tour

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