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vegetarian food da nang

Vegetarian Food in Da Nang

It’s not always easy to find vegetarian food in Da Nang. Most restaurants specialize in a couple of things, and those one or two dishes aren’t always very veggie-friendly. The easiest way is to get vegetarian food in Da Nang is to go to a specifically vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how the whole veggie thing works

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salmon da nang

The Salmon in Da Nang

One of the perks of running a food tour is getting to meet other people in the food industry. Inevitably it involves eating something delicious. This time it brought me a place I’ve often driven past but never tried: a restaurant called The Salmon. I received a surprise phone call from a lady named My, the

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my cay spicy noodles

My Cay Spicy Noodles Invade Da Nang

Vietnamese people love all things Korean. I’m not sure how many Koreans would vouch for the authenticity of this dish, everyone in Da Nang is going crazy for Mỳ Cay Hàn Quốc – spicy Korean noodles. These places are popping up everywhere! They all follow a similar model, where you order your noodles and then what level

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da nang lunch

Da Nang Lunch

In my ongoing quest to find the best Da Nang lunch, I’ve come across a couple great spots that are worth checking out. A Tale of Two Da Nang Lunch Spots Com Suon Que – Rice with Pork Ribs The classic Da Nang lunch must include three things: a vegetable, something salty (usually meat) and a soup. This

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fatfish da nang

Fatfish Da Nang

Meet Fatfish Da Nang Its location on Tran Hung Dao makes Fatfish Da Nang among the first of soon-to-be-many restaurants on the ‘other’ riverfront as the Da Nang development boom continues. The building is beautiful inside and out, and skillful design using all-glass walls and doors means the distinction between the two environments is often blurred. The food is

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Chinese food in Da Nang

Chinese Food in Da Nang

Options are good. I love Vietnamese food, but sometimes I just want something different. Fortunately, Da Nang has a limited but quality internationl food selection. Decent burger? No problem. Japanese ramen? Found it. Pizza? Yep. How about Chinese food in Da Nang? This is the place. Chinese food in Da Nang The picture almost says it all,

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Taco Ngon

Taco Ngon (ngon = delicious in Vietnamese) started as a humble stand on the side of the road and has become a regular in many Da Nang residents’ food rotation. It’s a decidedly fusion taco, so if you’re seeking carne asada with sour cream and cheese, you won’t find it here. But what you will find

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