Da Nang Cooking Class

Our Da Nang Cooking Class is a super hands-on experience where you do all the work to make a traditional Vietnamese lunch. First we’ll meet at the house for a welcome drink to go over the menu for the class. This is also a chance to double-check on any dietary restrictions or make any menu substitutions. If you’re doing the optional market tour, we’ll also go over a few helpful Vietnamese phrases before we head there. You’ll visit several different vendors to get everything you need for the cooking class. We’ll definitely need to stop at the veggie lady, a butcher or two and the seafood section. No English is spoken here, so do your best to barter! Your guide will be standing by if communication breaks down or if the prices start skyrocketing.

da nang cooking class

Back in the kitchen, we’ll start making our traditional Vietnamese meal. According to custom, it should include a vegetable dish, a soup and something salty like a meat. You’ll do the dicing, seasoning, rolling and frying yourself (but not the cleaning, don’t worry). This is a cooking class, not a demonstration, so be prepared to learn a few homegrown tricks. After we finish cooking, we’ll sit down to eat what you made. Bon appetit!

da nang cooking class

Our Da Nang Cooking Class is normally limited to 3 people. The cost is $37 per person for the Da Nang Cooking Class or $42 for the Class + Market Tour. The class runs from 3 pm to 7 pm.