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driving to a luoi

Driving to A Luoi

The Central Vietnam Mini-loop One of the great things about Da Nang is it’s central location. From here, it’s possible to take lots of fun weekend trips around Central Vietnam. I’ve already written about my trips to Tam Ky, Quang Ngai, Ly Son Island and many trips to Hue. But this last weekend I decided to

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Hong Kong Food Tour

I just got back from Hong Kong, and wow what a great city! I had been once before, but this time I came a bit more prepared. I had done some decent food research, and as chance would have it, had lots of customers the previous week from Hong Kong who suggested places to try.

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da nang food tour

Quang Ngai Food

Last month my girlfriend and I went to Quang Ngai to visit a friend. This part of Vietnam is definitely not on the tourist trail, and when you get there, it’s not hard to see why. Outside of visiting the My Lai Massacre Museum (pretty gnarly by the way), Quang Ngai is just a small town in

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Myanmar Food

Just got back from a week in Myanmar. The grace and meekness of the Burmese people was such breath of fresh air coming from boisterous Vietnam. People wait in line. They stop at red lights. They don’t shout, even when they’re drunk. If you leave your wallet in the taxi, you’ll (probably) get it back.

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Hue Food Tour

Last weekend my girlfriend and I decided to get out of town for a bit and go to Hue for a night. We left early in the morning and took the Hai Van Pass. I’ve driven this road more times than I can count, but it never gets old. Since both of us had already been

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Da Nang to Hanoi

Last week my cousin and her friend came out for a visit. They only had a week, and they wanted to see and much as possible, so I thought “Why not hop on the bike and drive north?” Here’s a few of the highlights from our Da Nang to Hanoi adventure:   Da Nang to

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