about da nang food tour

Tell me about Da Nang Food Tour. What do you guys do?

Food is the best thing about visiting Vietnam, and especially Da Nang. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to access if you don’t speak Vietnamese or know where to go. Back in 2013, there was no activity to get people out of the hotel and into local food shops, so we started Da Nang Food Tour.

Now we do small-group walking tours of local Da Nang street food, with Morning and Evening tours. Each tour lasts three to four hours. The goal is to show you things you’d never find on your own, learn about the city, try something new and of course have fun while doing it!

What kind of food is on the tour?

Vietnamese food is super regional. Because we’re in Da Nang, we focus on food that’s unique to here. You’ll discover food that’s totally different from anything you had in Saigon, Hanoi, Hue or even Hoi An. Each guide is encouraged to customize the tour to your tastes and also to showcase some of their own personal favorites, so no two tours are exactly alike. In fact, each guide has their own unique route around the city. Dishes on the tour typically include noodle soups, salads, banh mi sandwiches, steamed rice cakes, rice cracker pizzas, crispy pancakes, BBQ and freshly-caught seafood. We love special requests and are always happy to tailor the menu to your tastes. We’ve done tours for vegetarians, non-pork-eaters, expecting mothers, chefs looking for inspiration, you name it!

da nang evening food tour

How many stops will we visit?

Lots of food tours play the numbers game, trying to rack up stops just for the sake of having more. Instead, we focus on showing our guests a variety of spots with quality dishes that you’ll love. Typically a tour is five different venues ranging from sidewalk stalls, to food shops in someone’s living room, to proper standalone eateries.

How many people will be on the tour?

You get a better Da Nang Food Tour experience with small groups, so we usually limit each tour to five people. Of course if you have a bigger group, we’re happy to accommodate that as well. We want this to be a local experience.

Single travelers fear not! We need at least two people to run the tour, but we’re normally able to arrange for single travelers to join with a couple others, and of course it helps if your dates are somewhat flexible.

Sound great! How do I book?

Book a tour here, or you can learn more about our Morning Food Tour and Evening Food Tour. If you have any questions or would like to put together a custom tour, please let us know on the booking form.