Here’s a couple of common questions that I get about booking, paying, cancelling, what have you.

How should I pay for the tour?

I prefer PayPal. It’s easy, all online, no fumbling with stacks of plastic bills with lots of zeros an the end. I can send you a payment request after we set up your tour. You can also pay in cash on the day of the tour. USD or VND is fine, but I don’t want your Thai Bhat or Laos Kip.

Can I bring my kids on the tour?

Definitely! My youngest guest was 2 months. I’ve also had lots of families with younger kids. Da Nang is super safe, and the other diners are used to kids running wild around the restaurant. The menu for both the morning and evening has plenty to offer even the choosiest eaters. Kids 10 and under are half price.

Can I drink the ice?

Probably. The long cylindrical pieces with a hole through the middle come from a machine, which uses  filtered water. Other shapes may be of a less certain origin. The trapezoidal cubes may come from a home freezer, or they could be from the giant blocks that guys cut up with a huge saw, which also sometimes sit on the ground. But the ice isn’t usually what makes people sick; the biggest risk is food that’s been sitting out too long in a country with not much refrigeration. Not to worry, we won’t be going to places like that on the tour.

I really want to do a food tour, but I don’t eat _____.

No problem, we’re happy to make arrangements. Or course if ‘_____’ is ‘RICE’, maybe Vietnam is not for you. But I’ve done tours for vegetarians, paleos, non-pork eaters and small children. No request is too fussy.

Cancellation Policy

For cancellations more than 72 hours before the tour, no fee will be charged. For cancellations between 72 and 12 hours before, I’ll ask you to pay half the tour price. For last-minute cancellations less than 12 hours before the start time, I’ll ask you to pay the full tour price.