da nang lunch
Food in Da Nang

Da Nang Lunch

In my ongoing quest to find the best Da Nang lunch, I’ve come across a couple great spots that are worth checking out. A Tale of Two Da Nang Lunch Spots Com Suon Que – Rice with Pork Ribs The classic Da Nang lunch must include three things: a vegetable, something salty (usually Read more…

fatfish da nang
Food in Da Nang

Fatfish Da Nang

Meet Fatfish Da Nang Its location on 439 Tran Hung Dao makes Fatfish Da Nang among the first of soon-to-be-many restaurants on the ‘other’ riverfront as the Da Nang development boom continues. The building is beautiful inside and out. Skillful design using all-glass walls and doors means the distinction between the two environments is Read more…

gourmet street food
Food in Da Nang

City High in Da Nang

It’s no exaggeration that street food is my favorite thing about living in Da Nang. You can get a cheap, tasty meal that’s cooked fresh, right in front of you. Because most places only make one or two dishes, they generally make them very well. And you can sit outside Read more…

Chinese food in Da Nang
Food in Da Nang

Chinese Food in Da Nang

Options are good. I love Vietnamese food, but sometimes I just want something different. Fortunately, Da Nang has a limited but quality internationl food selection. Decent burger? No problem. Japanese ramen? Found it. Pizza? Yep. How about Chinese food in Da Nang? This is the place. Chinese food in Da Nang The Read more…

Food in Da Nang

Taco Ngon

Taco Ngon (ngon = delicious in Vietnamese) started as a humble stand on the side of the road and has become a regular in many Da Nang residents’ food rotation. It’s a decidedly fusion taco, so if you’re seeking carne asada with sour cream and cheese, you won’t find it here. Read more…

da nang coffee taste test
Food in Da Nang

Da Nang Coffee Taste Test

Coffee in Da Nang is cheap; in a regular, no-frills coffee shop, expect to pay around 10,000 VND (about 50 cents) for a cup. Other places may charge a bit more, but you’re essentially paying for the location/ambiance, which is fine. 25K (you can do the math) is not uncommon. Read more…

Food in Da Nang

Photographing Food

Some people are really put of by photographing food. “It’s tacky” or “it ruins the moment of enjoying the food” or whatever. I believe those things are true to some extent, but when you see something that makes you go “Wow!” then I think it’s OK to take a picture, even if some Read more…

top 10 da nang foods
Food in Da Nang

Top 10 Da Nang Foods

I often get asked about my favorite food in Da Nang. Choosing only one food is so hard, so I’ve come up with a list of my top 10 Da Nang foods. Note that these aren’t necessarily unique to Da Nang, and some people may argue that other places have a better Read more…