Visitors to Da Nang are often surprised by the lack of phỏ (that O sounds like the U in ‘up’) here. But when you live in Da Nang, it’s easy to understand why people don’t eat it much: phở in Da Nang just isn’t that good. In Hanoi, it’s everywhere, and many northerners have brought their recipes down south, where I’ve heard people say the Saigonese have *gasp* improved it. But if you gotta scratch your phỏ itch, Lân Béo is a great place to start. I dare say it’s the best pho in Da Nang.

best pho in da nang

Best Pho in Da Nang

Everyone knows the key to a good phỏ is the broth, and this lady takes her broth very seriously. Even though we were patiently seated, she refused to serve us until it had been cooking long enough, so we waited another 15 minutes. In the meantime, I had a look around the place. The simple menu (Vietnamese only) lists the different cuts of meat you can get in your phỏ. Most were 40,000 VND, but I splashed out and got the tái bắp, which comes from the leg (pictured below – my lunch, not the cow leg) for 45,000. It’s asinine to try to describe how something like this tastes, but you know it when you have it. This is really good phỏ.best pho in da nang

best pho in da nang

Making Pho

I got chatting with the owner, and she was telling me about how she cooks the best pho in Da Nang and what the different cuts of beef are (I must have skipped that lesson in my Vietnamese book, because I was a bit fuzzy). Then she invited me to try a bit of the gầu meat, which she brought out in a little bowl with broth. This cut of meat is boiled for 3 hours before it’s ready. It’s thinly sliced and comes with a bit of fat still on it, but at her urging, I ate the whole piece in one go and it was delicious. I dare say it was better than my posh tái bắp, and I will certainly be getting the gầu in the future, especially here.

best pho in da nang

You’ll find the best pho in Da Nang at 8 Ly Tu Trong, just across from the massive lotus-inspired government building.

Update: This place has since changed it’s name to Phú Gia, so that’s what you’ll see on the sign. Rest assured that it’s still as delicious as ever.

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Shaun grew up in Southern California eating In & Out Burger and Pedro's tacos. In 2009, he moved to Da Nang and has been digging into the local food ever since. He pays his rent by eating and drinking at Da Nang Food Tour.

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