taco ngon guest chef

Taco Ngon Guest Chef

In an earlier post, I wrote about the amazing fusion taco shop called Taco Ngon. Aside from making awesome tacos, one of the most impressive things about this shop is that the owner, Elin, churns out a new flavor every week for Taco Tuesday. Creations have ranged from kimchi beef to more traditional shrimp with

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fatfish da nang

Fatfish Da Nang

Meet Fatfish Da Nang Its location on Tran Hung Dao makes Fatfish Da Nang among the first of soon-to-be-many restaurants on the ‘other’ riverfront as the Da Nang development boom continues. The building is beautiful inside and out, and skillful design using all-glass walls and doors means the distinction between the two environments is often blurred. The food is

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da nang food tour

Da Nang Seafood

Da Nang seafood is the best in Vietnam. There, I said it. It might be true, it might not be, but I really want to believe it, because I really love the seafood here. Eating Da Nang Seafood In an earlier post, I gave some tips for ordering seafood in Da Nang. Here I want to provide

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Hong Kong Food Tour

I just got back from Hong Kong, and wow what a great city! I had been once before, but this time I came a bit more prepared. I had done some decent food research, and as chance would have it, had lots of customers the previous week from Hong Kong who suggested places to try.

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Chinese food in Da Nang

Chinese Food in Da Nang

Options are good. I love Vietnamese food, but sometimes I just want something different. Fortunately, Da Nang has a limited but quality internationl food selection. Decent burger? No problem. Japanese ramen? Found it. Pizza? Yep. How about Chinese food in Da Nang? This is the place. Chinese food in Da Nang The picture almost says it all,

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Taco Ngon

Taco Ngon (ngon = delicious in Vietnamese) started as a humble stand on the side of the road and has become a regular in many Da Nang residents’ food rotation. It’s a decidedly fusion taco, so if you’re seeking carne asada with sour cream and cheese, you won’t find it here. But what you will find

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da nang coffee culture

Da Nang Coffee Culture

The coffee in Da Nang is awesome, right? I never drank coffee back in the States, and while I don’t NEED a cup of coffee every day, there is hardly a day that goes by without me stopping into a coffee shop to take a break. They’re everywhere, they all have Wi-Fi so I can get

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