da nang food tour

Quang Ngai Food

Last month my girlfriend and I went to Quang Ngai to visit a friend. This part of Vietnam is definitely not on the tourist trail, and when you get there, it’s not hard to see why. Outside of visiting the My Lai Massacre Museum (pretty gnarly by the way), Quang Ngai is just a small town in

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Vietnamese accents

Guide to Vietnamese Accents

One of the most interesting (and sometimes very frustrating) things about the Vietnamese language is all the different Vietnamese accents. People in the north speak differently from people in the south, who don’t sound anything like people from central Vietnam. Even in Da Nang, you can tell which side of the river people are from by

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Photographing Food

Some people are really put of by photographing food. “It’s tacky” or “it ruins the moment of enjoying the food” or whatever. I believe those things are true to some extent, but when you see something that makes you go “Wow!” then I think it’s OK to take a picture, even if some of those things are food.

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Da Nang Drinking Culture

In Da Nang, eating food is inevitably accompanied by drinking beer. While Vietnam is home to some of the world’s most steadfast drinkers, Da Nang outperforms either Saigon or Hanoi when it comes to beer consumption. Unlike Saigon, Da Nang people start early, and unlike Hanoi, they finish late. If you want to hang with the

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top 10 da nang foods

Top 10 Da Nang Foods

I often get asked about my favorite food in Da Nang. Choosing only one food is so hard, so I’ve come up with a list of my top 10 Da Nang foods. Note that these aren’t necessarily unique to Da Nang, and some people may argue that other places have a better version of a particular food.

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Following the Rules in Vietnam

Every society needs rules to function well. Most cultures have rules that include don’t steal, don’t kill and don’t sleep with your best friend’s partner. These social rules aren’t mandated by any one person, but gradually adopted over time. Rules in Vietnam also include things like use two hands when giving something to an older person and take off

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Myanmar Food

Just got back from a week in Myanmar. The grace and meekness of the Burmese people was such breath of fresh air coming from boisterous Vietnam. People wait in line. They stop at red lights. They don’t shout, even when they’re drunk. If you leave your wallet in the taxi, you’ll (probably) get it back.

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Japanese Noodles in Da Nang

Anyone that’s been to Japan has no doubt experienced the awesome-ness of a Japanese noodle bar. You know, long counter with bar stools, open kitchen, the staff all greeting you in unison when you walk in. It’s great. Well now you can have the experience of eating Japanese noodles in Da Nang! Ajiichi is owned by a

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Bun Mang Ga Da Nang

Bun Mang Ga is a dish that I actually don’t eat very often, and I’m not really sure why. It’s got three things that I really like: bún (noodles), măng (young bamboo) and gà (chicken). It’s a great breakfast food, since it’s so light. As summer is approaching, it’s seriously really important to make sure you’re getting enough

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