Cao lau is traditionally a Hoi An dish. Legend has it that true cao lau must use noodles made from the water of a specific well in Hoi An; I’m going to just assume that not EVERYONE in Hoi An is using water from this well, so it seems unfair that cao lau Da Nang shouldn’t receive equal consideration. Cao lau noodles are thicker than your normal mi or pho noodle, and should be a bit chewy. The noodles are served on top of a bed of greens, then topped with bits of sliced pork and, the best part, some fried pork rind. This particular shop takes their cau lau a step further, topping everything with a sort of fried fish cracker. If you love the crunch of the pork skin, you’ve gonna try this place!

cau lau da nang

Here’s what it looks like when it comes out…

cau lau da nang

…and here’s after mixing it all up.

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cao lau da nang


Shaun grew up in Southern California eating In & Out Burger and Pedro's tacos. In 2009, he moved to Da Nang and has been digging into the local food ever since. He pays his rent by eating and drinking at Da Nang Food Tour.