On Thursday night I met up with David and Kathy from Sydney, Australia, for an evening food tour. My girlfriend also wanted to come along, so we decided to make it into double date, couples tour.

Couples Tour

We had a great night trying lots of Da Nang food and walking through different neighborhoods. Kathy, like many cultured, polite, respectful foreigners, was initially hesitant to throw her trash on the ground. ‘It just feels so wrong!’ But by the third venue, she had fully warmed up to the idea and was tossing table scraps like a local.

David really impressed me with his quest to document and reverse-engineer each of the dishes we tried. He brought a notebook along for just that purpose and made careful notes at each venue, recording not just ingredients but also textures and serving styles. He was a true artist in his element.

Asian salads, as David pointed out, are much more varied and certainly more exciting that the salads we get back home. In Western countries, people often turn up their nose when their doctor recommends they eat more salad, but not here! David is determined to re-create the bò hít salad that we tried, with dried beef, mango, papaya and mint. We also enjoyed some BBQ pork, fried noodles and seafood from a local restaurant. Thanks for joining the tour, and best of luck with your culinary endeavors!

da nang food tour local cuisine vietnam

If you’d like to a book a couples tour, please let me know and I’d be happy to arrange it.

couples tour

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Shaun grew up in Southern California eating In & Out Burger and Pedro's tacos. In 2009, he moved to Da Nang and has been digging into the local food ever since. He pays his rent by eating and drinking at Da Nang Food Tour.