craft beer in Da Nang
Food in Da Nang

Craft Beer in Da Nang

Craft beer is taking Vietnam by storm! At least, it’s taking Saigon by storm. The rest of the country hasn’t quite caught on yet, but that could be changing soon. These days it’s not difficult to find decent craft beer in Da Nang, if you know where to look. Let’s Read more…

banh canh da nang
Food in Da Nang

Banh Canh Da Nang

Banh Canh Da Nang is one of my favorite Vietnamese foods. It’s heartier than most of the other noodle dishes, plus there’s no much variety among just this one dish that you could never eat it every day for a week and never have it the same way twice. Oh Read more…

dessert in da nang
Food in Da Nang

Sweet Tofu in Da Nang

There’s sugar in the milk, sugar in the fish sauce, and you can even get sugar in your banh mi,  but then it’s red beans for dessert?? Sometimes the Vietnamese sweet tooth leaves even me scratching my head. But if you want a great dessert, I suggest you try sweet Read more…

bun cha ca, bún chả cá
Food in Da Nang

Bun Cha Ca in Da Nang

I’m just rolling out of bed midmorning after a few too many beers the night before, and I’m HUNGRY! I need something that will wake me up, fill my stomach and get me on track for the day. I’m craving… a bowl of fish-cake noodle soup called bún chả cá. Read more…

da nang morning food tour
Food in Da Nang

Bun Mam Da Nang (Central Style)

Bun mam Da Nang, and actually pretty much all central-style bún mắm, might be the most feared food in Vietnam. It sounds harmless enough: thin, round bún noodles, shredded papaya, fresh veggies like mint and lettuce, roasted pork, peanuts, a squeeze of lime and chili sauce on top. But the Read more…

vegetarian food da nang
Food in Da Nang

Vegetarian Food in Da Nang

It’s not always easy to find vegetarian food in Da Nang. Most restaurants specialize in a couple of things, and those one or two dishes aren’t always very veggie-friendly. The easiest way is to get vegetarian food in Da Nang is to go to a specifically vegetarian restaurant. Here’s how Read more…