Food in Da Nang

Traffic Sign Cafe

Flipping through an in-flight magazine recently, I saw an article on unusual coffee shops in Vietnam, including one in Da Nang called Traffic Sign Cafe. It’s a bit tricky to find, and I should have known as much since the address, Lo 21 Tran Nhan Tong, shows the lot number rather than the Read more…

Food in Da Nang

Com Ga Da Nang

Com ga is simply chicken and rice (OK, literally ‘rice chicken’) and it’s a regular dish in my lunchtime rotation. It’s pretty famous in Central Vietnam, and Da Nang has it’s share of ‘must-try’ spots, including a couple on Hai Phong and the awesome Quan A. Hai on the corner Read more…

best pho in da nang
Food in Da Nang

Best Pho in Da Nang

Visitors to Da Nang are often surprised by the lack of phở (that O sounds like the U in ‘up’) here. The main reason is that Vietnamese food, like so many things in Vietnam, is highly regional. Pho is a northern dish, and Da Nang is firmly in Central Vietnam. In Hanoi, Read more…

best coffee in da nang
Food in Da Nang

Best Coffee in Da Nang

Where’s the best place for a Da Nang coffee? That’s like asking where’s the best fish sauce; it depends on what you like. And while there are probably hundreds of good coffee shops in Da Nang (and lots of bad ones too), these all stand out for a reason. Here’s a Read more…

Food in Da Nang

Best Bun Bo in Da Nang

Vietnamese food has lots of dishes with the name bún, because bún means ’round skinny noodle’. So when I walked into Bun Thuy (Thủy is a person’s name), I really had no idea what I was getting. It could have been bún chả cá (noodles with fish cakes), bún thịt nướng (noodles with grilled meat) Read more…

Food in Da Nang

Cuc Gach Quan in Da Nang

If you’ve ever in Saigon, you really should check out Cuc Gach Quan. Yes, it’s full of tourists. But it’s #17 out of over 1,000 restaurants (just in Saigon!) on TripAdvisor for a reason. The food is excellent. When I noticed a new place on 3/2 Street in Da Nang with Read more…